Floor Plan

Aaron and I mapped out our space for the exhibition, which has got me thinking about how I’m going to actually install this space.

I started working with Alex (Sophies boyfriend) to try and get the arduino IR sensor working. I’m thinking this is what I want the space to look like. The orange squiggles represent the cloths that I’m going to be hanging in the space.


I’m thinking about the concept of hanging clothing in the space and other objects have gendered meanings. But I kind of want to get feedback from other people about what they considered to be gendered objects. I think it would be really interesting to make like other smaller “instruments” that could be played with hanging in the space rather than just cloths. Plus to me that would evoke the concept of playing with your gender.

This is the “skeleton” of the received file. There are going to be 6 of them based off the different zones. Each received file will have its own “voice” and it’s own type of imagery ( I think I’m going to bass it off color). That way when you walk in zones 1-6  you can produce 1 kind of sound and image unique to that zone.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.14.00.png

I’m pretty excited!!!


Installation Space

Do Ho Suh is a korean born multi-media artist. I really am intrigued by all of his art and would urge everyone to look at his website and watch the short documentaries about him and his work found here: http://www.lehmannmaupin.com/artists/do-ho-suh

These are some of his pieces, and I cannot tell if they’re made of thin cloth or thousands of individual strings. Regardless I find these piece extremely inspiring. I’ve bee trying to figure out how I want to construct my installation space. Because I’m hoping to have multiple projectors as well as objects for people to interact with I’ve been trying to figure out what materials and how to set up these materials so that the projections do not get ruined.


Another artist Anne Lindberg, who I’ve actually seen exhibited at the MFA does these amazing pieces with strings:

I think something with strings and translucent cloth would be perfect because the projections could still shine through it and people could touch them as well.

Obviously I won’t be able to create something as elaborate as these pieces but I know what direction I’m leaning towards.

Now I’m trying to figure out what to shape the cloths//string into and how to use that to further convey the meaning behind me piece.


Progress update week 1

I wonder if self-confidence is the biggest motivator behind this projects progress, maybe I have better work ethic, maybe I’m more invested in my personal outcomes, maybe I’m just better at doing this work I set out to do, I’m not sure…

regardless I’ve made a lot of progress in the last week since my project proposal.

So far I have 111 words edited for my sound board piece (and thats from 4 of the 8 interviews) I thought I could only have a max of 250 words, but I figured out a different system so the possibility of sound bytes, I think, is relatively endless.

so I figured out instead of making a midi board I could just use this playlist function…

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 09.09.42.png

pretty much based on the beat of the metronome max randomly plays one of those audio clips… it’s actually very simple!

Also I posted one of my video clips in my last post but I already have 15 “animations” (they’re mostly like videos edited i’m not sure if I can call them animations) so far I’m way ahead of schedule in those 2 aspects…

I bought my arduino breadboard and IR sensor, and I found the way to get it to communicate with Max/MSP I’m just not sure how to build it. I have a friend (coincidently named Max) who said he can help me to build it.

But yah… things are moving really smoothly so far :^)

Identity is Fluid

I’ve always found myself extremely compelled by water. As a child I was instructed that according to my feng shui chart my element is water. Maybe it’s because that knowledge engrained in my head… but I’ve always felt a connection to the rhythmic embeddings of a river, or the swamp in my yard, the waves on the ocean, the ripples in the pond, the stream of the waterfalls. From a young age I wanted to grow up to be a whale because I could think of nothing better in life than to float endlessly in the sea. 

Its the fluidity, I’ve always admired. And I’ve come to see that fluidity extends itself to life in more ways than with just liquid. But water is the best thing we could possible look towards for inspiration. Water flows over things, sometimes it pulls them along, sometimes it disastrous and stormy, but it always levels out in every situation. We can always level out in all our situations. We can achieve an emotional homeostasis, a balance like water, and we can still experience the crash of the waves, the drama of a storm, the trickle of melted ice. To live in such a way is true mindfulness and appreciation for life experience.

I remember being in 6th grade social studies class and being introduced to this concept of from readings on taoism. One piece in particular about the water described how we should try emulate the flow in our own lives. I was blown away by it, and it had a profound impact on me since.

I guess my journey from middle school to now has been marked by my quest for “identity” who did I want to be? who do I want to be? how did I think I would end up? where? what kind of image did I want to create? what kind of experiences did I want to have?

this quest has been a frustrating and beautiful and scary and rewarding to say the least.

Life is about the eb and flow. my identity is as fluid as the water. whoever I am today will be different from who I am tomorrow who I was yesterday. it is mine to create, it is mine to shape, and it will always be changing.

Since the start of this project I’ve been spending a lot of time around water. A lot of my images for projection are going to be influenced by that. It’s having an enormous calming effect on me and incredibly helpful in my quest to quell my nervous mind about answering all these questions about myself.

I’m discovering that a huge part of this piece is about fluidity, the fluidity of all people, of all things we encounter. I think that fluidity is truly key in to acceptance of each other, ourselves, and our worlds.

Project Proposal for Semester 2

I never updated the end of my project for last semester but I did in fact accomplish it and here is a video if you so care to watch how it came out.


And this was the final max patches:

For my project proposal this semester I’m looking to build off what I was trying to do last semester. Last semester I was coming into myself as an artist, especially figuring out that I want to be an artist who says things that are important in their work. I have a lot of power to revitalize and support change by creating works of art. My experiences over the semester really helped me to see that I can accomplish things that are meaningful. This being said, I want to continue trying to push boundaries as an artist. I want to see myself become more radically experimental. I think that in order to be truly subversive against what I disagree with in society I need to be radically different and expose it. My work is dealing with the concept of binary thought, how that impacts  all aspects of life and particularly gender (however gender cannot really be separated from most other aspects of life).

As a intersectional feminist I have come to understand the positioning of individuals in a way that I think is important, and I wish to share this experience with others. Intersectional feminism delves deeps into the idea of identity. What does it mean to be an individual, how is your identity chosen for you, how do you choose your identity, how to people interpret your identity. A lot of it is about being aware of the experiences each person brings to any situation. By looking at how different we each are (because none of us have the same experiences) you can begin to extend more compassion to each other.

If you’re interested in some readings surrounding the concept of identity I would suggest:


TENDENCIES by Eve Sedgwick






So fundamentally I’m incorporating my understanding of Queer/Gender Theory as intersectional and attempting to create an art piece that makes the participant aware of their bodies, how they effect the space around them, how others effect their space as well. Another aspect that has informed me on this piece is studying meditation. There is a type of meditation that individuals do which is to go through the 5 sense and state 5 things they are experiences that correspond to each. This meditation is a practice that teaches individuals to be present in the moment they are experiencing. The piece I make is going to attempt to bring the user into a meditative state in the sense that they are focusing on the present of the space they are in, the sounds, the visuals, the things they can touch.

Updates from my presentation yesterday I think I’m going to be making a sound board in ableton. The sound board is going to include of I think up to 250 words. These words will be extrapolated from interviews I conducted over last semester with individuals about their gender/sexual identity. I think I’m going to distort and edit the sound using Adobe’s Audition. I have a friend from Berkeley who has offered to help me set up everything I need in ableton!!!

The sound board will be set off by a motion sensor. I think I’m going to try and create my own infrared sensors using an arduino kit. I already found a number of useful links about how to create these. I have another friends who’s a computer science major who’s going to be helping me to create these sensors.


ARDINO KIT https://store-usa.arduino.cc

((ACTUALLY THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED: http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-IR-proximity-sensor-with-Arduino/))








With those 2 assets completed I’m going to be working on creating MAX patches that can detect the change in value from the infrared sensors and have that BANG output into ableton where the soundboard will be played randomly.

This is my current list of videos to watch about the creation of what I need in MAX.


midi stuff:








Here are the links to the videos that I included in my presentation:


Hopefully I’m going to be buying my arduino kit this weekend, but here is my projected schedules:



Progress Update 2

So I have my presentation NEXT TUESDAY!!!

I have completed 7 interviews so far, in total its over 4 hours of audio. I need to go through them each, cut them down and pull out the parts I want to animate.

I thought I was going to be doing more interviews but as of now I think I don’t realistically have enough time to animate. I’m thinking I can cut these 4 hours down into 30 minutes of audio.

Once I have that cut down I’m going to just animate!! animate!! animate!! I have no idea home many minutes of animation I can actually get done in the next 2 months but for now I’m hopeful.

As far as the creation of the installation I’m in a complete rut. EVERY TIME I got to create my patch in Max I get so frustrated that I have to stop. I can’t seem to get anything to work and so far all I’m trying to do is create an input from a mouse click and make images and sound appear.

I’ve been watching tutorials and reading pages which are helpful but I can’t seem to translate them into results.




Mo and I made this piece together the other week and I still can’t get it to work. Here you have a metronome that corresponds to frames in a video you can drop in. So as the metronome plays, it creates random numbers, those grab frames from the video, and then it plays it.


I feel like I’m kind of frozen because I don’t know where to go from here and how to fix it. I actually contacted some people I found on the MAX//MSP reddit page, I’m about to make a post on it.

I feel like I know exactly what I need to do, I can draw it out and write it out, but as soon as I try to build it, I can’t. Anyways I’m a little bit (A LOT) stressed out because I feel like I’ve given myself a project I can’t do.

But I’m taking everything day by day, cutting back my hours at my job, I shouldn’t concede to failure before I’ve tried.


Progress Update

Last week I had a meeting with Professor Maurice Methot.

We had a discussion about my project, and seeing as he does a lot of experimental work with sound and video he had a lot of helpful information to pass on to me. unnamed.jpg

These notes might look like jumbled nonsense but we worked out some logistics and he even showed me the basics of using MAX. Over email he sent me this patch that we made that set up a system where random sections of a video file would be played based on a metronome as the trigger, and then a random number generator that corresponded to specific frame numbers.

Last night I got an email from Mo that linked me to this page:


It’s a software that uses camera’s to motion track and trigger responses. This means that I can use camera’s instead of having to purchase kinect to get my system to work. This is excited because the I might not have to buy a kinect if I can get it to work with MAX.

I found this http://synapsekinect.tumblr.com/post/6610177302/synapse, which is a software already made for the kinect to connect (hah) to MAX.

I was able to contact Aseem Suri who I spoke about during my presentation, he said he’s not currently in Boston but would be willing to help me as well!

I also made a Facebook post about needing people to interview, I was pretty overwhelmed by the response. I already have 7 interviews scheduled over the next week and a half.

My goal is to figure out this MAX patch and get it working by my presentation on Nov 1st.

Project Proposal

I got to give my project proposal for the piece I will be creating by the end of the semester. I feel really good about how the presentation went. I got a lot of really great feedback. Anyways for those not in the loop here is an overview of my project.

My goal is to interview people who have been socialized as women (I’m actually considering expanding this so it’s not just women). I want to ask a series of questions about how they feel their upbringing as a their assigned gender has affected their thoughts and feelings about sexuality, both personally and interpersonally.  I want to take these sound bytes and utilizing mixed media animation (with 3D, 2D, stop-motion, etc) animate my experience while listening to these stories.

I then want to create an instillation piece utilizing motion tracing techniques to allow participants to create their own music video based on the sound bytes and images from the interviews by walking through a space.  The next step would be to create and algorithm that would isolate specific words and animated sections of the stories. Then I would need to somehow create a grid within the motion sensors so that when certain areas are walked in a different randomly assigned word and video clip appear.

Here is a gif I made that is a visualization of what I want the piece to look like



I was inspired by a number of artists. The first of which is Aseem Suri, (http://www.aseemsuri.com) particularly his piece Operand, which I had the chance to experience during Figment Boston. This is an installation piece that utilizes kinect controlling to motion track participants and allow them to contribute music to the soundtrack of the piece. You can watch how this installation piece works here: https://vimeo.com/170328045 All of his pieces are very beautiful combinations between music and programming I urge everyone to look through his work.

I also found this artists today  Talan Memmott, who did an installation piece back in 2011 using motion tracking and created poetry. You can watch his piece here: http://talanmemmott.info/?p=308

The next artist is Sam Lavigne (http://lav.io), who I learned about in my Studies of Digital Media and Culture class. His work is very heavily influenced by internet culture. He is a programmer who creates different open software for other users to use. I’m interested in his algorithm audio grep Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 9.04.32 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-05 at 9.04.38 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-05 at 9.04.47 PM.png

Then these next artists are my inspiration for my visual style that I will be animating if you want to look at some dope art check them out:

Karen Aqua http://karenaqua.com unfortunately none of her work is online, but you can check it out at the Emerson library.

Zolloc: http://zolloc.tumblr.com

Julian Glander: http://julianglander.com


Princess Nokia



I’ll keep updating with my inspirations if people want to see more!


I need to buy my kinect, I have a meeting with Maurice Methot at Emerson College about my project and potentially using Max/MSP/Jitter, I have already contact Aseem who said he would help me, and I need to begin figuring out this whole coding business.